nTop Live: Package & Reuse Design Processes with Custom Blocks

screenshot from video

In nTop Platform, built-in and user-created capabilities merge seamlessly. Custom blocks are user-defined workflows that only expose the necessary inputs and outputs. This way you can share your design workflows with others or create revision-controlled processes.

In this nTop Live, Andrew Reitz, Product Engineer at nTopology, shares best practices for turning any nTop workflow into a custom block. He explains which parameters to select as inputs and outputs, how to set names and descriptions to create blocks that are intuitive to use, and how to establish relationships between them to generate reliable results.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Package custom blocks and integrate them in your design processes
  • Develop geometric relationships to ensure design constraints persist throughout your process
  • Standardize, customize, streamline, scale, and share your design workflows

Download the files Andrew used in this presentation here.

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