nTop Live: Golf Ball Mold Design with Conformal Cooling Channels

screenshot from video

A typical golf ball has more than 300 dimples to reduce pressure drag and make it travel farther. To manufacture these dimples, a thin urethane cell is injection molded over the flexible core.

In this nTop Live, Samantha Kratky, Application Engineer at nTopology, explains step-by-step how to design a golf ball cavity for injection molding. She shows how to parametrically control the location, size, and depth of the dimples and how to add conformal gyroid cooling channels to regulate the solidification rate of the material.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Generate golf ball dimple pattern variations 10x  faster to test new designs
  • Parametrically control every aspect of the geometry to achieve an ideal turbulent flow
  • Add conformal cooling channels to the mold to accurately control the solidification rate

Access the files used in this recording here.

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