nTop Live: Parametric Design of High-Performance Vertical Wind Turbine

screenshot from video

Vertical axis wind turbines are becoming increasingly popular in urban areas as they are a small, quiet, and easy-to-install green energy source that can operate in a wide range of wind conditions.

In this nTop Live session, Blake Johnson, Customer Success Engineer, explains how to design and control every aspect of their geometry in nTop Platform. He creates a reusable workflow that receives key design parameter inputs and exports a mesh for simulation into an external CAE software.

Watch and learn how to:
– Import the optimum airfoil shape as a set of data points into nTop Platform
– Use the twisted sweep profile and polar array blocks to create the turbine blades
– Export the model for detailed CFD and structural analysis into an external CAE software

Download the files Blake used in this session here.

The airfoil database used in this example can be found here.