nTop Live: Pattern Repetition Constraint for Cyclic Symmetric Topology Optimization

screenshot of Pattern Repetition Constraint webinar

Geometric constraints for topology optimization enable you to generate geometry that better addresses your performance goals or aesthetic preferences. For example, a periodic constraint can be used to generate optimized parts with axial symmetry.

In this nTop Live, Chase Allan, application engineer at nTopology, shows you how to use the Pattern Repetition Constraint to generate axis-symmetric designs in topology optimization. He also guides you through the basic steps of a typical topology optimization workflow in nTopology — from design space definition to design verification and export as a STEP file to CAD. 

Watch and learn how to:

  • Use the Pattern Repetition Constraint to generate axis-symmetric topology
  • Automatically smoothen and reconstruct topology optimization results
  • Verify & export back to CAD topology optimized parts

Level: Intermediate

Industry: Automotive, Aerospace

Applications: Topology Optimization, Simulation, Integrations

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