nTop Live: Procedural 3D Textures on Automotive Steering Wheels

screenshot from video

Steering wheel textures improve comfort and grip. In traditional design software, an image is needed as a starting point. In nTop Platform, you can design 3D textures from scratch, control them parametrically, or modify them to your specific needs.

In this nTop Live, Chase Allan, Application Engineer at nTopology, demonstrates how to apply a 3D surface texture to the steering wheel of a car in nTop Platform. He also uses a field-driven design approach to remap the texture using sine waves and precisely control the location of each unit cell. 

Watch and learn how to:

  • Apply a surface textures on a steering wheel 
  • Create a gradient transition between two textures
  • Use sine waves or other math functions to control the texture

Download the files Chase used in this presentation here.

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