nTop Live: Rapid Design of Thermoforming Molds for Clamshell Packaging

screenshot from video

Clamshell containers are used to package a variety of consumer products: from foods to toys. Designing thermoforming tooling to manufacture these containers can be a complex and time consuming process — especially for low-run production of custom products. 

In this nTop Live, Blake Perez, Sales Manager at nTop Platform, shows you how to rapidly design thermoforming inserts for clamshell packaging of any shape in nTop Platform. He shares tips to help you reuse and automate your design workflows and save time.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Design rapid tooling for clamshell packaging of custom products
  • Use input variables to create reusable workflows and automate your design process
  • Expand your product line by offering custom packaging solutions

Download the files that Blake used in this presentation here.

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