nTop Live: Simple Characterization of Osseointegrative Lattice Structure using Custom Blocks

screenshot from video

During the design of medical products for additive manufacturing, analyzing osseointegrative structures using simple and repeatable workflows can greatly accelerate the development process.

In this nTop Live, Christopher Cho, Senior Application Engineer at nTopology, shows you different methods of analyzing and characterizing lattice structures that are currently available in nTopology. He also shares insights into the new pore size distribution analysis that is currently in Beta.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Apply different analysis methods for lattice structure characterization¬†
  • View a pore size distribution analysis in nTopology
  • Accelerate the development of implants with osseointegrative lattices

Level: Intermediate

Industry: Medical

Applications: Lattice Structures

This video is Pt.3 in a series that will help you get started with the Osseointegrative Structures Toolkit. Christopher shares 40+ custom blocks and shows you how to apply them to design joint replacements, spinal cages, or other medical implants. Follow the links to watch part one and part two of the series.

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