nTop Live: Automated Geometry Reconstruction for Topology Optimization

screenshot from video

The result of many Topology Optimization and Generative Design software is a rough density mesh that is difficult to work with. To convert it into a usable geometry, manual resurfacing is required, which can take hours.

In this live session, Jonathan Harris, nTopology’s Lead Application Engineer, will show you how to convert raw topology optimization results of external software into a smooth part using the nTop Platform.

The whole reconstruction process requires only a few steps that can be easily automated and is compatible with the topology optimization output of any third-party solver.

Watch this video to learn how to: 

  • Import topology optimization results of third-party software into nTop Platform
  • Convert raw topology optimization results in smooth, usable parts
  • Accelerate geometry reconstruction with automated workflows

To access the demo files used during this session, please click here.

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