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nTop Live: Maximize Heat Exchanger Piping Performance using CFD data

Heat Exchangers with additive manufactured gyroid lattice structure cores offer improved performance at a more compact size than their traditionally manufactured counterparts. However, the geometry of the inlet and outlet piping can hinder their performance.

In this nTop Live, Maiki Vlahinos, Solutions Engineer at nTopology, shows how to use CFD simulation results at the onset of your design process to generate a more optimal flow path into the heat exchanger.

In this example, the pressure drop on the cold & hot sides decreased by 38% and 20%, respectively, while the average heat transfer coefficient in the heat exchanger core increased by 34%

Watch and learn how to:

  • Generate optimized plumbing geometry based on CFD data
  • Improve flow uniformity your outlets and into the heat exchanger cores
  • Use CFD data at the onset of your design to maximize performance


Level: Advanced

Industry: Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, General

Applications: Design Optimization, Simulation, Field-Driven Design


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