nTop Live: Lattice Analysis to Identify the Optimal Structural Infill

screenshot from video

Latticing operations in nTop Platform are simply unmatched. Our software gives you unparalleled control over the properties of the lattice, as well as access to a large selection of pre-configured infill types—and the ability to define your own.

In this nTop Live session, Ryan O’Hara, nTopology’s Technical Director of Aerospace and Defense, will introduce you to the tools needed to analyze different lattice types and identify the one that best meets the design requirements of your application. 

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Analyze a single unit cell to approximate the behavior of the whole lattice structure
  • Apply the homogenized lattice properties to a part and  quickly simulate its performance
  • Modify and test different lattice structures to identify the optimal one for your application

Access the files used in Ryan’s presentation here.