Simulation Series – Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Topology-Optimized Parts

screenshot from video

Mark Oliver, Veryst Engineering 

Analyzing the flaw-tolerance of topology-optimized parts using fracture mechanics is becoming increasingly important as topology optimization gains wider industrial adoption and is used in the design of more structurally critical components.  

In this presentation, I will share an example of optimizing a part using nTopology and then Abaqus to verify the flaw-tolerance of that part.  I will discuss how nTopology’s ability to convert topology optimization results into CAD bodies enables the subsequent partitioning and meshing in Abaqus required to make accurate fracture mechanics calculations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Topology optimization can help engineers realize significant weight savings in load-bearing components.
  • Applying fracture mechanics to topology-optimized parts is necessary to verify flaw-tolerance for structurally critical applications.
  • The nTopology can convert topology optimization results into CAD bodies, enabling efficient partitioning, meshing, and analysis of cracks using Abaqus.


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