Automated Digital Workflows for Medical Devices

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Modern fabrication tools and software are transforming the way everything is designed, from automotive components to consumer products. This transformation is especially notable in the field of medical devices, where new technologies are making it possible to develop high-quality, fully customized devices that improve patient outcomes. 

In this webinar, experts from Carbon, nTopology, and Synopsys will demonstrate a seamless design and fabrication workflow for a customized surgical guide that leverages 3D printing, design automation, and anatomical scan data. 

Watch and learn:

  • How to efficiently convert 3D anatomical DICOM data into high-quality models using Simpleware Software and automate segmentation and landmarking by leveraging Synopsys’ proprietary Machine Learning based AI tools
  • How nTopology can create fully-featured and conformal patient-specific solutions using scan data and reference landmarks
  • Why Carbon MPU 100 material was selected for manufacturing the surgical guide and how the Carbon DLS™ process creates a consistently accurate finished part with a perfect fit


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