DMG MORI & nTopology: Leveraging nTopology for Generating Soft Jaws

screenshot from video

Subtractive and additive manufacturing are often seen as competitors for one another when it comes to designing and building parts. But for two processes that can seem at odds, they can, in fact, be a joint process that brings complex designs to fruition. Hear from Jack Edgerton, Advanced Solutions Applications Engineer at DMG MORI, and Andrew Sartorelli, Senior Application Engineer at nTopology GmbH, on leveraging nTopology to generate soft jaws to aid in subtractively finishing an additive part.

They’ll go over how to:

  • Leverage the advantages of both additive and subtractive manufacturing to create comprehensive manufacturing workflows
  • Generate soft jaws to allow for workholding of complex additively manufactured geometry
  • Create replayable workflows in nTopology to solve manufacturing challenges

Access the soft jaw workflow used in this webinar and more here