Lattice Design & Structural Optimization with nTopology & 3DEXPERIENCE

Watch this webinar to learn how to create a design optimization workflow using the CATIA software suite and nTopology. 

This demonstration will first show you how to lightweight a part in nTopology by optimizing lattice design, performing the meshing, and creating a finite element model.

Then we will import the nTopology results into Abaqus to generate the global stress response, perform non-linear structural analysis using Tosca, run a fatigue strength analysis and determine the target structural response. 

Finally, we will create a parameterized template to run a Design of Experiments using 3DEXPERIENCE Process Composer. This capability is enabled by nTopology’s unbreakable geometry, which allows us to navigate a wide range of design variations without model failure.

Watch this webinar and learn how to: 

  • Integrate nTopology with 3DEXPERIENCE Process Composer to automatically move data across design and simulation platforms
  • Understand and optimize the lattice lightweighting process using nTopology
  • Integrate finite element simulation, non-parametric optimization, and durability analysis in an iterative loop for a Design of Experiments and optimization.


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