Practical Design Innovation for Automotive

screenshot from video

With an increasing demand for electric vehicles and the promise of mass customization slowly becoming a reality, the time to apply powerful and innovative approaches to automotive design is now.

In this webinar, Samantha Kratky, Application Engineer at nTopology, describes how our automotive users have taken advantage of nTopology to accelerate their design processes.

She presents industrial and ergonomic design use cases and explains how nTopology’s workflows can be applied to both design for form and aesthetics as well as multifunctional engineering optimization.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Apply the principles of field-driven design to take complete control of advanced geometry
  • Create a distinct brand identity by designing custom surface textures and patterns
  • Reuse complex design features across different components of a vehicle including the grill, the headrests, and the door handles

To access the files used in this recording, click here.