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Rapid Design of a Polymer Component for Flight Qualification

nTopology, Stress Engineering, and Origin teamed up to compete in the Advanced Manufacturing Olympics, hosted by America Makes and sponsored by the United States Air Force.

The mission: To rapidly iterate on a design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) for a hydraulic clamp for an aircraft. Specifically, a replacement candidate for the C3175-9J employed on F-16 aircraft. 

Over two-weeks and while completely virtual, the team performed 30+ iterations to arrive at a highly optimized design for the clamp to meet the minimum threshold of a one-time flight.

See how they did it in this webinar. By watching you will learn: 

  • The story of the final part and the role each company played in the final product
  • The ease of DfAM and applying this model to existing workflows
  • Collaboration in time of COVID-19

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