The Use of Integrated Sacrifical Gyroid Support Structures in Metal Additive Manufacturing

Gyroid structures are known for their high high stiffness to weight ratio and excellent thermal transfer properties. Still, not as much emphasis has been made on the use of gyroids as support structures for additive manufacturing.

This technical webinar will cover the workflow for designing a part for additive manufacturing utilizing nTopology to create permanent and removable gyroid support structures. 

Support structures created using this workflow are reliably printable with hard recoater blades, significantly reduce 3D modeling time, enable complete powder removal, reduce material used, and cut faster on a wire EDM.  

Watch this webinar and learn how:


  • To create a unique & efficient nTopology workflow to build gyroid support structures for metal AM
  • Gyroid support structures significantly reduce AM build time, material usage, 3D modeling time, wire EDM time, and enable complete unfused powder removal
  • Gyroid support structures can be reliably printed on an EOSM290 using a hard recoater blade out of A718