What if Topology Optimization Breaks the Limits of the Design Space?

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*This webinar is in English. To view in Italian, click here.

Topology optimization is a mathematical methodology applied in engineering and is widely used when designing for additive manufacturing. If in nature form = function, then with topology optimization the form is in the distribution of stresses to optimize the function.

While topology optimization is effective it is limited simply by the design space itself. So how can it be made more efficient and effective? How can the initial design space be optimized? In this webinar, PUNTOZERO will focus on a novel workflow implemented in nTopology using the fields created in a topology optimization analysis. The workflow is designed to improve the starting point of the optimization function and subsequently the design space itself. They will show how this has been done in the real world when it was applied to the design of the Kawasaki KX 450 (2021) by Alvaro del Farra.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • The classic limits of topology optimization and how to improve your design
  • How PUNTOZERO uses nTopology to create new design methodologies
  • A future path to optimize the initial design space


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