nTop Toolkit

Additive Manufacturing

nTop Platform’s Additive Manufacturing Toolkit allows you to prepare your design for manufacture without the need for third party build preparation software. Position, orient, support, and slice your parts all in the same software that you design it in.

From Design to Machine

Direct connectivity to the most popular industrial additive manufacturing systems on the market ensures accurate communication of design intent to production quickly and efficiently saving time and costly errors in data translation. nTopology is working with all major manufacturing partners to provide an even deeper connection to enable more than just geometry to be communicated in the manufacturing process.


Send slices direct to EOSprint via CLI in ASCII or Binary format, along with support structures.

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Communicate part and support files direct to QuantAM via CLI slices, or CSV including laser power, speed and point spacing.

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Use either CLF or ABF file formats to send slice data to EBM Control 5.

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Generic CLI slice export as ASCII or Binary suitable for machines such as DMG Mori, SLM Solutions, Concept Laser as well as software such as Netfabb and Magics.

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Build Prep

Position, orient, and support parts with a large library of lattice structures for every additive manufacturing process.

Use automated supports, or design your own reusable support structure strategies which can be automated or manually controlled.

additive manufacturing build prep with gear 3


Full control over slicing, offsets, hatching, and points allow for the programming of multiple build strategies for a single part or build.

slice data for additive manufacturing

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