With a diverse and unique toolset of generative design and automation capabilities, as well as an unbreakable geometry engine that can handle the complexities of advanced manufacturing, nTopology offers solutions to tackle the specific challenges of any industry.

Aerospace & Defense Applications

In aerospace and defense, performance matters. Generative design with nTopology not only enables structural lightweighting and multifunctional optimization but also unlocks the potential of advanced manufacturing technologies.


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Automotive Applications

Automotive design calls for multifunctional optimization. From chassis lightweighting, car safety, thermal management of batteries, and manufacturing operations, to industrial design, ergonomics, and environmental sustainability. These are only a few areas that can directly benefit from clever uses of generative design.


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Medical Applications

In the medical industry, creating workflows that leverage advanced geometry, automate the design of patient-specific devices, and improve traceability for regulatory compliance are the three main challenges that generative design with nTopology can help you tackle.


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Consumer Applications

For innovative companies in the consumer goods or sports industry, generative design with nTopology is a tool that enables them to implement new technologies in their product development.


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