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Finally, engineering design software built for additive manufacturing.
Unlock complex geometries and performance capabilities not possible with traditional CAD.



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Lockheed Martin

How leading engineers use nTopology.

  • Lightweighting
  • Thermal Management
  • Architected Materials
  • Mass Customization
  • Industrial Design
  • Manufacturing & Tooling

Decrease weight and manufacturing costs while maintaining structural integrity, improving fuel efficiency, and reducing carbon footprint.

67%Reduced Weight
66%Lower Cost
lightweighting example
Thermal Management

Design compact heat exchangers with increased efficiency and reliability to maximize heat transfer and minimize losses.

1.8xIncreased Heat Transfer
85%Reduced Volume
thermal management example
Architected Materials

Create fine-tuned structures with targeted physical response to expand the range of engineering materials and enhance performance.

10xAchievable Properties
AdaptTo Product Specs
architected materials example
Mass Customization

Build automated design processes to manufacture personalized products at a cost and quality comparable to mass production.

98%Reduced Design Time
2000+Designs Per Day
mass customization example
Industrial Design

Design products with unique aesthetics and function using software that keeps up with the speed of the creative process.

EnhanceProduct Ergonomics
10xFaster Iterations
industrial design example
Manufacturing & Tooling

Eliminate workflow inefficiencies with design automation to maximize throughput and improve tooling performance.

30%Reduced Tooling Cost
90%Less Design Work
Manufacturing & Tooling example

Unlocking the full potential of additive manufacturing.

Lattice Structures example
Lattice Structures

Generate lattices in seconds—design products with reduced weight or superior heat transfer and energy absorption.

Topology Optimization example
Topology Optimization

Drastically reduce material cost and engineering design time with automated topology optimization and post-processing workflows.

surface textures example surface textures example'
Surface Textures

Create procedural textures or import them for bitmap and apply them to any surface, no matter how uneven or complex.

Simulation example

Quickly evaluate part performance with built-in simulation tools or connect with external design analysis suits for verification.

Design Optimization example
Design Optimization

Enhance product performance characteristics using data of different types from the most relevant sources.

Build Preparation example
Build Preparation

Automate the orientation, support generation, and slicing of the most complex additively manufactured part designs.

Design Automation example
Design Automation

Create reusable workflows to automate repetitive tasks from design and simulation to build preparation and custom fixture generation.

Real-Time Visualization

Preview changes in real-time for rapid iteration. Rebuild even the most complex designs in seconds.

Integrations example

Import and export design, simulation, and manufacturing data and connect with your PLM system.

nTopology offers solutions to tackle the specific challenges of your industry.

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial
  • Education & Research
Aerospace & Defense

Leaders in Aerospace & Defense are relying on nTopology to gain a competitive advantage by developing innovative products that are higher performing, lightweight, and fully utilize advanced manufacturing processes.

Aerospace & Defense
aerospace & defense

From design automation and lightweighting to more efficient cooling systems to 3D printed foam seats, Automotive leaders are taking advantage of nTopology to solve pressing mobility challenges.


Medical device companies are relying on nTopology to go to market faster with innovative or patient-specific solutions that improve patient outcomes while maintaining compliance with regulatory standards.

Consumer Products

From footwear and protective equipment to consumer electronics, nTopology’s advanced design capabilities enable companies to create previously impossible designs with unique aesthetics and enhanced ergonomics at breakthrough speeds.

Consumer Products
consumer products

Innovative companies in the industrial sector are unlocking value with nTopology by removing production bottlenecks using design automation or improving the performance of critical manufacturing and energy production systems.

Education & Research

nTopology’s education community brings educators and students together to share ideas and collaborate across institutions. Researchers are using nTopology to make breakthroughs in design for additive manufacturing.

Education & Research
education & research

Trusted by world-class teams. From startups to Fortune 100 companies.

  • "Every single pound of material you can remove from a spacecraft saves money on launch costs. That’s why we used nTopology to optimize the design."

    James Horton,
    Aerojet Rocketdyne

  • "Using the added benefits of lattices, we can design parts with even higher added value than the shape obtained by pure density-based topology optimization."

    Hiroyuki Nagamoto,
    Yamaha Motor Co.

  • "This product has been hugely successful for us, and this is definitely in part due to the lattice structure that was created by nTopology."

    Beth Stuart,

  • "With nTopology, we were able to create a powerful and unique additive design. It wouldn’t be possible to create such a component with a traditional CAD system."

    Martin Blanke,

  • "Nothing is fast enough for me, but everything is instantaneous in nTopology. I can do the things that are impossible with other design tools."

    Enrique Enriquez,
    KW Micro Power

  • "The models are better, we save a tremendous amount of time on the design process, and we’re able to bring new people up to speed very quickly."

    Amos Benninga,
    LF Orthodontics

Integrates seamlessly with your workflow.

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Import CAD parts or other engineering data to feed your design process.

import icon

STEP (.step), Parasolid (.x_t and .x_b), CATIA (.CATPart), Solidworks (.sldprt), Creo (.prt), NX (.prt), Inventor (.ipt), ACIS (.sat and .sab)


STL (.stl), OBJ (.obj), Polygon File Format (.ply), 3D Manufacturing Format (.3mf)


Abaqus(*.inp), ANSYS (.cdb, .msh, .rst, .rth, .cas, .dat), LS-DYNA (.k) NASTRAN (.bdf, .dat, .nas, .op2), Patran(.pat), CGNS, (.cgns), Universal File Format (.unv), Topology Optimization Result (.op2)


Common Layer Interface (.cli)


Bitmap (.png), Point Data (.csv), Vector and Scalar Point Maps (.csv), Voxel Grid (.vdb)


Build reusable design workflows to generate high-performance geometry.

generate icon
Lattice Structures

Volume and surface lattices. Graph, TPMS, and custom unit cells. Stochastic structures. Rib grids.

Topology optimization

Multi-objective and multi-constrain optimization. Automated post-processing.

Advanced Modeling

Variable shelling and offsets. Fillets and smoothening. Boolean operations.

Design analysis

Built-in structural and thermal FEA. Import, conversion, and exchange utilities.

Build Preparation

Part orientation. Support structure generation.


Convert to B-Reps, meshes, slice data, or other engineering formats.

export icon

STEP (.step), Parasolid (.x_t and .x_b), IGES (.iges)


STL (.stl), OBJ (.obj), Polygon File Format (.ply), 3D Manufacturing Format (.3mf)


Abaqus (.inp), ANSYS (.cdb), Nastran (.bdf), LS-Dyna (.k), Universal (.unv), Patran (.pat), Fluent (.msh)


Common Layer Interface (.cli), Common Layer File (.clf), Renishaw Point Data (.csv), Renishaw CLI (.cli), Arcam ABF (.abf), Stratasys Layer (.ssl), EOS CLI (.cli), BW image stacks (.png)


Point Data (.csv), Vector and Scalar Point Maps (.csv), Voxel Grid (.vdb)


Integrate with your existing software stack to augment your processes.

connect icon

Leverage reference integrations and the nTop PLM connector to integrate nTopology to your system.


We have demonstrated the integration of nTopology with popular multidisciplinary design optimization platform, including ModeFrontier, ModelCenter, and ProcesComposer.


Using nTopology’s command line interface, you can write custom code to execute nTop workflows through a programmatic environment.

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try nTopology?

See why leaders in aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer industries depend on nTopology to develop revolutionary products.

Next-Generation Engineering Design Software 1 spz

Accelerate your design & engineering process


With nTopology, you can solve the hardest advanced manufacturing and engineering problems, generate unique high-performance parts, share and reuse your workflows with your team, and more.


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Next-Generation Engineering Design Software 1 spz

Now Powered by GPU Acceleration


With nTopology 3.0, advanced engineering design is now faster than ever before. Preview design changes in real-time and rebuild even the most complex designs in a few seconds.


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Next-Generation Engineering Design Software 1 spz

Rapid Engineering Innovation


nTopology removes common design and engineering bottlenecks so you can unlock new value in your workflows. Directly control your process and its outputs to deliver results and innovate faster.


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Transformative Technology


At the core of nTopology lies our implicit modeling engine that supercharges what you can do with advanced geometry and design data.


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Unbreakable Geometry

Generate parts at lightning speeds no matter how complex, bypassing the bottlenecks of traditional modeling technologies.

Field-Driven Design

Control your designs at every point in space using simulations, test data, and engineering formulas to generate optimum results.

Reusable Workflows

Create configurable, re-executable, and shareable processes that package engineering knowledge and automate design tasks.



With nTopology’s diverse generative design toolset, unique design automation capabilities, and unbreakable geometry engine that can handle the complexities of advanced manufacturing, you can tackle even the most challenging problems of your industry.


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Trusted by world-class teams

From startups to Fortune 100 companies.


“We can get results 20x, 30x, even 50x faster with nTopology. Before, we only had enough time to produce one design; with nTopology we can have more variations and test them a lot faster.”
Lead Engineer, Lockheed Martin

“Using the added benefits of lattices, we can design parts with even higher added value than the shape obtained by pure density-based topology optimization.”
Hiroyuki Nagamoto, Yamaha Motor Co.

“The models are better, we save a tremendous amount of time on the design process, and we’re able to bring new people up to speed very quickly.”
Amos Benninga, LightForce Orthodontics

“Nothing is more valuable than seeing what you are doing while you are doing it! Any effort that brings down the visualization time for more seamless interaction with complex models is genuinely priceless.”
Onur Yüce Gün, New Balance

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nTopology is so much more than a design engineering tool – it’s also a robust ecosystem designed to enable your success.


Next-Generation Engineering Design Software 1 spz

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  • Preconfigured workflows to jump-start your projects
  • Extensive documentation and support


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See for yourself why leaders in aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer industries depend on nTopology to develop revolutionary products.

Next-Generation Engineering Design Software 1 spz