nTop Platform for Aerospace and Defense

Improve part performance, reduce design time, and handle complexity with ease.

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Innovation now for the products of tomorrow

Innovating on tomorrow’s products is key to staying ahead of the competition. nTop Platform provides an environment where design and engineering teams can reduce communication bottlenecks, perform a greater number of trade studies in less time, and design tomorrow’s products that are lighter and smarter. Leaders in this industry are using nTop Platform to gain a competitive advantage by developing innovative products and utilizing advanced manufacturing processes.

Engineering Notebooks
Capture, reuse, and deploy valuable engineering workflows to increase collaboration across teams and keep projects moving.
Topology Optimization
Get editable geometry instantly from a topology optimization study without having to remodel the part.
Design Analysis
Analyze your components in a single, connected process and make informed design decisions immediately.

Aerospace & Defense Application Examples



Rocket nozzle prototype, made in nTop Platform

Rocket nozzle with field-driven isogrid stiffening and dual-domain internal cooling channels. Designed by nTopology and built by Betatype.


Space Bracket Topology Optimization

Large-scale topology optimization with full post-modeling capabilities. Designed and built by Zenith Tecnica using nTop Platform.


Advanced Heat Exchanger Design

Leveraging gyroid shapes and periodic minimal surfaces to create structurally optimized heat exchangers.

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