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Aerospace Engineering


Leaders in Aerospace and Defense are using nTopology to gain a competitive advantage by developing innovative products that are higher performing, lightweight, and fully utilize advanced manufacturing processes.


Why are companies choosing nTopology
to accelerate their aerospace engineering solutions?

High Performance Design

In aerospace and defense, performance matters. nTopology not only enables structural lightweighting and multifunctional optimization but also unlocks the potential of advanced manufacturing technologies.

Capture and reuse engineering knowledge

nTopology not only captures design intent, but also the process steps taken to get there. Turn best practices into standard practices, increase collaboration across teams, and jump start projects easily with nTopology’s reusable workflows.

Streamline and automate processes

Automate and streamline workflows and processes through nTop Notebooks and command line tools. Be more efficient, reduce repetitive tasks and spend more time on the core engineering work that matters the most.

Aerospace & Defense Applications

Structural Lightweighting

Whether your preferred lightweighting method is topology optimization, lattice or gyroid structures, perforation patterns, variable shelling, isogrid ribs, or a combination of the above, nTopology offers an extensive set of generative design tools for lightweighting optimization.

Part Consolidation
Topology Optimization
Lattice Infills
Variable Shelling
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Architected Materials

Architected materials in nTopology leverage geometric complexity such as lattice structures to achieve unique and tailored material properties to maximize part performance and create combinations of properties previously unattainable.

Tailored Material Properties
High Stiffness Sandwich Structures
Multifunctional Design
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Rapid Design Exploration

Generate and iterate upon complex designs that are difficult and slow in traditional CAD software. Design variations including intricate lattices and complex boolean operations take seconds to generate, enabling rapid exploration of designs and large scale parameter optimization. Explore hundreds of design variations in minutes with nTop workflows.

Conceptual Design Phase Iterations
Heat Exchanger Design
Performance Driven Design
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Advanced Manufacturing

From advanced toolpath generation for Automated Fiber Placement, Additive Manufacturing, and other robotic processes to the automated design of aircraft fixturing and tooling, the generative capabilities of nTopology can improve the efficiency of manufacturing operations.

Automated Composite Design
Support Structures
Jigs & Fixtures design automation
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Don’t see your specific application?

Our nTop experts are here to help. nTopology is configurable to meet your specific needs.


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