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Medical Applications


Medical companies are turning to nTopology for software tools to design and develop highly engineered products meant for advanced manufacturing. With the robust and repeatable tools of nTop Platform, teams can design medical devices faster and with greater control to ensure the highest medical standards are maintained, improving patient quality of life through the best solutions possible.


Why are companies choosing nTop Platform
to accelerate their medical solutions?

High Performance Design

Design transformative products that integrate design, simulation, and manufacturing data to meet your functional requirements with Field-Driven Design.

Traceable Design Process

nTop Platform not only captures the design of a medical device, but also the process steps taken to get there. Our engineering notebook interface allows users to track the design parameters that define your medical device and report them with each iteration.

Repeatable & Reusable Workflows

nTop Platform enables repeatability of processes and workflows in medical implant device design, ensuring compliance to regulatory standards allowing engineers to explore more design iterations and shorten development cycles.

Medical Applications

Implantable Orthopedic Devices

Lattice structures are used in medical implant design to mimic the properties of bone and promote osseointegration and improve patient outcomes. nTop Platform offers an unparalleled level of control in generating and utilizing these types of highly functional structures for innovative medical devices.

Osseointegrative Surface Lattices
Ordered Lattice Structures
Stochastic Lattice Structures
Custom Lattice Unit Cells
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Patient Specific Solutions

Patient-specific implants are becoming increasingly more important for higher quality patient outcomes, however design remains a bottleneck in generating cost effective customer specific solutions. nTop Platform can leverage patient-specific geometry and data to automatically create devices that are tailored to individuals.

Patient-Specific Scan Data
Conformal Device Design
Automatable Design Workflows
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Design Optimization

nTop Platform has a wide suite of tools and applications that support rapidly creating aesthetic or function driven designs that unlock new possibilities.

Functional Lightweighting
Surface Texturing
Mass Customization
Part Serialization
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Workflow Automation

nTop Platform workflows can be automated and batch processed which increases design efficiency and allows design workflows to be more accelerated, accurate, and accessible.

Design of Experiments
Batch Processing
Process Reporting
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Don’t see your specific application?

We can help you. nTop Platform is configurable to meet your specific needs.


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