nTop Toolkit

Architected Materials

nTop Platform turns geometric complexity into competitive advantage with the Architected Materials Toolkit.

A New Approach to Material Design

Geometry and physics are now the same language. Design parts with multifunctional requirements for structural, thermal, acoustic, and aesthetic objectives from the start.

Harness and synthesize engineering data from simulations, experimental measurements, or imported fields to create the highest performing parts possible.

A new approach to material design

Control at Any Scale

Never before have designers had total control at both the micro and macro scale. Engineer functional materials that perform at any scale. Hundreds of unit cells, or hundreds of billions, you decide.

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Stochastic structures and foams

Create bio-inspired foams with total control over strut thickness, pore size, and repeatability. Digitally tailor foams for the perfect mechanical response through simulations or imported pressure fields.

Stochastic structures and foams

Innovation for Medical
Device Design

Configure a custom unit cell for osseointegration and lock it down. Apply it to any surface or volume painlessly and repeatably across entire lines of devices. Best of all? No STL files required.


Surface Texturing

Control surface properties by quickly applying a texture to an entire surface. Regardless of surface complexity.

Surface texturing

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