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What would you design if…

November 2022

What would you design if you weren’t constrained by the current capabilities of manufacturing technologies?

Come meet us at Formnext 2022 to learn about cutting-edge developments in additive manufacturing and get some inspiration.

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November 2, 2022

New Product Updates

Events: Meet us at Formnext 2022

banner of nTopology at Formnext 2022

Next week, the nTopology team will be in Germany. You will find us at Formnext in hall 12.0, booth E58.

Come meet us to learn more about newly released software functionalities and speak directly to our Application Engineers about your use case.

At our booth, will find examples of parts that went from design to manufacturing. You will also see a previously unprintable industrial heat exchanger designed by Siemens Energy that could only be produced with implicit interoperability.

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Usage Improvements

Defining a custom block inside the main nTopology instance
nTopology 3.36 is out and features two new capabilities that will streamline your work in nTopology.

Direct Custom Block Creation allows you to define Custom Blocks (CB) directly in your main nTopology instance, saving you time. As a bonus, you don’t need to worry about affecting CBs outside the file, all changes to directly edited CBs are local to the parent file.

Split Text block enables you to split a text object into a text list using a character delimiter. This functionality comes in handy when importing designs with similar names in automated workflows and pairs well with the Concatenate Text block.

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New Content & Resources

Personalized Medical Devices Guide

nTopology Personalized Medical Devices guide cover and sample images

Healthcare providers’ increasing focus on patient outcomes makes personalized medical devices an attractive option.

This guide explores how you can leverage mass customization for medical devices. Download the guide and learn:

  • What are the benefits and different types of personalized medical devices
  • What is the typical workflow for medical mass customization
  • How to tackle the most prominent product development challenges
  • How medical companies are developing patient-specific products today
  • What you should look for in design software for personalized medical devices

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Wärtsilä Lightweights Industrial Impeller

The anatomy of the lightweight additively manufactured impeller.

Wärtsilä’s engineers redesigned the centrifugal pump impeller for additive manufacturing. They combined topology optimization with an FEA-driven variable shell and a graded lattice infill to drastically reduce part weight and manufacturing costs.

Not only was the optimized turbomachinery component 44% lighter, but it was generated using an automated design process, enabling customization.

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Quote of the Month

“If you think something is impossible, don’t disturb the person who’s doing it.”
Amar Bose, Entrepreneur, academic, sound engineer, and founder of Bose Corporation

That’s all we’ve got for this month. If monthly updates aren’t enough nTop for you, find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

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