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Case Study

IMR and Renishaw streamline additive manufacturing for spinal implants


nTopology, Renishaw and Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) collaborated to demonstrate the capability of metal additive manufacturing (AM) technology to produce lightweight spinal implants that mimic the mechanical properties of bone. IMR utilized nTop Platform to design these spinal implants and they were produced on a Renishaw RenAM 500M metal AM system.

“This enabled us to develop our design software so that it can be used to drive the use of advanced manufacturing technology for medical devices…Projects like this usually take years, but the excellent collaboration between nTopology, Renishaw and IMR meant that we could complete the study in a matter of months.”
Duann Scott – VP of Business Development and Partnerships, nTopology

This study proved that by combining the design capabilities in nTop Platform and metal AM, spinal implant designs with greater osseointegration properties can be realized.

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