nTopology: Next-Generation Engineering Design Software

Design Automation

Automate repetitive tasks in engineering design, manufacturing, and product development. Design processes, not just parts.

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Benefits of Design Automation

  • Save Engineering Time

    Reduce the time your engineers spend manually creating, updating, and maintaining designs and models in CAD. Help them work faster to accelerate new product development.

  • Eliminate Manual Errors

    Manual data entry and reporting are prone to user errors. By automating this step, handling errors are essentially reduced to zero, ensuring product quality and enhancing traceability.

  • Develop Better Products

    By maintaining a single workflow instead of hundreds of designs, engineers can focus their attention on product development aspects that create value

Reusable Design Workflows

No need to begin from scratch every time you start a new project. Create reusable design processes that automate repetitive tasks and capture engineering knowledge and design intent.

Create a custom design workflow. Package it in a version-controlled custom block. Rerun it using new inputs. Share it with your team and distribute knowledge in your organization.


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Design-at-Scale with Batch Processing

Automatically run nTop workflows using scripts via nTopCL, nTopology’s Command Line Interface. Process entire product families with hundreds of parts without any manual intervention.

nTopology acts as an advanced generative geometry microservice on your desktop, a private server, or the cloud to create automated engineering processes and unlock new business models.


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Multiphysics Optimization & DoE

Systematically explore the entire design space to develop the highest-performing products using statistical methods and automated Design of Experiments (DoE).

nTopology augments your design optimization and simulation stack and enables you to closely couple geometry generation with design analysis and verification.


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Heatex Analysis all

The FDM Fixture Generator

Without tools that make the design of custom jigs and fixtures simple, many users are kept from reaching the full benefits of Additive Manufacturing fixtures on the factory floor.

By combining the robust design automation capabilities of nTopology with the ease of use of Stratasys FDM 3D printers, we created a tool to increase productivity in modern factories.


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Design Automation with nTopology & modeFRONTIER

nTopology integrates with Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) tools to act as a powerful generative geometry computational node for automated design of experiments. 

This opens up new and unique possibilities for advanced engineering design exploration and product development.


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FAQ on Design Automation

What is design automation in engineering design?

Design automation enables you to create processes, systems, and rules that capture engineering knowledge. Automation can help you eliminate errors, reduce the time spent manually modifying models, and enhance the quality of your design outputs. Simply put, an automation workflow is a configurator or template that receives certain parameters as inputs, modifies or generates CAD geometry based on predefined rules, and produces a new 3D model as output.

What are some practical applications of design automation?

Design automation streamlines repetitive tasks that take too much time to perform manually. Applications of design automation include batch processing entire product families, reusing the same workflow on multiple parts with similar engineering requirements, quickly generating custom tooling and fixtures to support manufacturing operations, and automating geometry generation during iterative simulation-driven design.

How does nTopology support automation?

nTopology gives you access to the latest computational tools, enabling you to build your custom automation solutions. With nTopology, you can create workflows that capture engineering intent through intuitive modeling operations and reapply them on totally different products with similar objectives.

How does nTopology support scripting?

Scripting in nTopCL is compatible with various programming languages, including Python and Matlab. Using nTopCL, you can integrate nTopology’s capabilities in custom code and combine it with high-performance computing or (private or public) cloud computing. With nTopCL scripts, you can automate iterative development tasks or create generative geometry microservices for mass customization.

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