Virtual Speaker Series
August 4 – August 25, 2020

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) for Metal Processes

In this speaker series, experts in the field of Design for Additive Manufacturing will discuss applications for metal 3D printing and the constant trade off between engineering requirements and design for the manufacturing process.

Oftentimes, we hear 3D printing discussed in terms of ‘design freedom’ and ‘complexity is free’ but the reality is that constraints can bring these lofty ideas to a grinding halt. Our presenters aim to inspire and educate those exploring the ‘design freedoms’ offered by AM while simultaneously addressing the inherent design constraints of AM processes.

Lightweighting and Build Prep

Kevin Brigden, Additive Manufacturing Advanced Concepts Engineer, Renishaw
Reworking a legacy part for mass-reduction, performance and productivity
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Gabrielle Thelen, Application Engineer, nTopology
Elevating Designs and Cutting Costs - Structural Lightweighting
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Dhruv Bhate, Associate Professor, Arizona State University
Lightweighting with Cellular Materials: Insights from Nature
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Michael Wohlfart, Additive Manufacturing Consultant, EOS; Blake Perez, Sales Manager, nTopology
Intelligent Build Prep and Manufacture-Ready Workflows with nTopology and EOS
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Design Constraints

Jennifer Bracken, Graduate Research Assistant, Penn State University
Design for metal powder bed fusion: The geometry for additive part selection (GAPS) worksheet
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Roger Smith, CEO, Sierra Turbines; Will Hasting, Director of Aviation & Power Turbine Solutions, VELO3D; Ryan O'Hara, Technical Director of Aerospace and Defense, nTopology
Leveraging Design Freedom to Disrupt Power Generation
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Timothy Simpson, Paul Morrow Professor of Engineering Design & Manufacturing, Penn State University & ADDVisor, The Barnes Global Advisors
The Opportunities and Challenges of Design for Metal Additive Manufacturing
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Younes Chahid, PhD Researcher & Founder of the 3D Printing Society, The University of Huddersfield
Metrology and DfAM of Lattice Structures
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Heat Exchangers

Arian Aghababaie, Cofounder, President & Chief Strategy Officer at Holo, Inc.
Above and Beyond Traditional Structures for Liquid Cooling
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Maiki Vlahinos, Senior Application Engineer at nTopology
Designing Heat Exchangers for Additive Manufacturing
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Jean-Michel Hugo, President at TEMISTh
How nTopology Helps Us On the Tailored Design of Heat Exchangers
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Medical Devices

Christopher Cho, Senior Application Engineer at nTopology
Accessible and Scalable Osseointegrative Interface Design
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Jonathan Buckley, Sr. AM Application Engineer at Amplify Additive
Generating Optimal Trabecular and Stochastic Lattice Structures for AM Orthopedic Implants
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Matthew Shomper, Director of Engineering at Tangible Solutions
Flexible Metal – Leveraging Powerful Design Tools to Create Compliant Medical Devices
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