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Data & Integrations

Augment your engineering software stack with nTopology’s robust data & software integrations. Design processes, not just parts.


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Integrates Seamlessly into your Process

Feed downstream engineering and manufacturing operations and enhance your digital thread. nTopology gives you access to three levels of data integration.


Import & Export Engineering Design Data

A typical nTopology design workflow involves importing and exporting different engineering, design, and manufacturing data.

No matter your application or workflow, nTopology provides you a pathway for data exchange and process integration.

nTopology Data Flow


Import CAD parts or other engineering data to feed your design process.


Build reusable design workflows to generate high-performance geometry.


Convert to B-Reps, meshes, slice data, or other engineering formats.


Integrate with your existing software stack to augment your processes.

nTopology in your PLM System

We understand that every PLM system is unique. For this reason, we designed nTopology’s PLM integration strategy to accommodate your custom requirements.

  • Connect nTopology to your company’s digital thread to ensure compliance and boost cross-team collaboration.
  • Streamline data exchange to boost productivity and save valuable engineering time.

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Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

nTopology integrates with MDO software tools to act as a generative geometry microservice.

  • Systematically explore the entire design space using statistical methods and automated Design of Experiments.
  • Closely couple geometry generation with design analysis and verification to develop the highest-performing products.

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nTopology MDO integration example workflow

How nTopology Integrates into Enterprise PLM Systems

This article explains how you can integrate nTopology into your Product Lifecycle Management system for tracing design activity and managing information.

It explains the capabilities of the nTopology PLM Connector and how you can leverage the two reference integrations to connect nTopology to your PLM system.

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Reference PLM integration - nTopology Siemens TeamCenter - data


Lattice Design & Structural Optimization with Process Composer

The design experts of nTopology and VIAS3D show you how to create a design optimization workflow using CATIA and nTopology.

They create a parameterized template to run Design of Experiments using nTopology within 3DEXPERIENCE Process Composer.

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Webinar VIAS3D and nTopology DoE

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See for yourself why leading companies in the aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer industries have chosen nTopology as their product design and development software solution.

Data & Integrations FAQ

What data can be imported & exported in nTopology?

nTopology integrates seamlessly with any design, engineering, manufacturing, and enterprise system. Our focus is to support all processes upstream and downstream to design. As such, nTopology supports the import and export of CAD geometry, meshes, FEA and CAE data, lattices, point clouds, voxels, and engineering tables. You can also export slice data for additive manufacturing in vendor-specific and open formats. For an overview of the importing and exporting capabilities of the software, visit our Help Center.

How does nTopology integrate with PLM systems?

nTopology can support your IT and QA team to extend your existing enterprise system by providing reference integrations with full documentation for two popular PLM software as well as a standalone PLM connector prototype. Read this article for more detail on how nTopology integrates with PLM systems.

What is the cost of integrating nTopology into PLM systems?

There are no additional charges from nTopology (direct or indirect) for integrating our software into your PLM system or using the nTopology PLM connector. You are only subjected to the initial implementation costs if you opt to work with a 3rd party integration vendor.

Which PLM systems do nTopology integrate with?

nTopology can connect to any enterprise PLM system through the nTopology PLM Connector. As a reference, we can provide example integrations with Siemens TeamCenter and Aras Innovator. Equivalent connections can be developed for any other PLM system through your PLM’s API or SDK, including PTC Windchill and DS Enovia. [/sc_fs_faq]

Which MDO software does nTopology integrate with?

We have demonstrated the integration of nTopology with ModeFrontier, ModelCenter, and ProcessComposer. nTopology integrates with MDO software through nTopCL — our Command Line interface. This means that any MDO software with the ability to execute command prompt commands and parse JSON files can run nTopology design optimization workflows.

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See for yourself why leaders in aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer industries depend on nTopology to develop revolutionary products.


Topology optimized robotic arm with design space