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Lattice Structures

Put theory into practice with the most comprehensive lattice generation software. Design processes, not just parts.


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Access an Advanced Latticing Toolset

Use the world’s most advanced lattice design, surface texturing, and patterning toolbox to develop highly functional parts and revolutionary products.

  • Overcome design bottlenecks with nTopology’s unbreakable geometry.
  • Generate conformal lattices for performance and aesthetics.
  • Reuse and automate design workflows to accelerate your process.
Sample of generated lattice structures

Create Complex Lattices in Seconds

Lattice generation in nTopology is now faster than ever before, thanks to GPU acceleration.

Preview design changes in real-time and rebuild even the most complex lattices in seconds. This technology breakthrough saves you days of design and engineering time each month.

Performance-Driven Lattices for Advanced Engineering

nTopology enables you to control lattice parameters at every point in space using Field-Driven Design

Optimize your lattice structures to exceed your performance targets. Generate parts with advanced lattice structures driven by simulation results, test data, or engineering formulas.

FDD Pressure Vessel with lattice structures

Architected Materials for Next-Gen Product Development

Leverage geometric complexity at the mesoscale level to create architected materials with tailored mechanical properties. 

Architected materials enable you to overcome the design constraints of limited 3D printing material selection.

sandal with lattice midsole

Save Time with Design Automation

In nTopology, you design processes, not just parts. In other words, you don’t have to start designing from scratch every time you begin a new project. 

With design automation and nTopCL — nTopology’s Command-Line Interface — you can set up massive simulation-based Design of Experiments or batch process whole product families without any manual work.


How to Accelerate FE Simulation of Lattices using Homogenization

Selecting a suitable lattice unit cell during design is not an easy process. Simulations are needed to predict their behavior before testing — both are expensive. 

Homogenization can significantly accelerate the earlier design stages. Instead of simulating the whole lattice, you can approximate its effective material properties based on the behavior of a single lattice cell.

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Lattice Structures with Homogenization Matrix

Applications of Lattice Structures



Minimize weight and material usage to optimize aerospace, automotive, or medical parts.

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Heat Exchangers

Maximize surface areas and guide the flow in advanced heat exchangers and filters.

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Energy Absorption

Integrate vibration, sound, and shock absorption to industrial products and sports equipment.

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Decrease post-surgery rehabilitation times with implant lattices that promote bone growth.

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3D Printed Foams

Create custom cushioning using high-elongation, high-porosity lattice structures.

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Product Design

Create designs with a slick aesthetic and improve the ergonomics of premium consumer products.

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Lattice Structures Beyond 3D Printing

From honeycomb structures to isogrid ribs and from perforation patterns to procedural textures, nTopology gives you tools to create designs that we can produce with any manufacturing method.

Perforated Automotive Grill.41

Accelerate your Product Development Process

See for yourself why leading companies have chosen nTopology to tackle hard
engineering and advanced manufacturing problems.

Lattice Structure Types



For lightweighting or energy absorption structures with excellent damage tolerance.



For honeycomb-like structures with the highest directional stiffness.



For compliant foam-like structures that approximate isotropy at larger sizes.



For structures with large surface area, high stiffness, and excellent manufacturability.

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