nTop Toolkit


Quickly and easily reduce the overall weight of parts with nTop Platform’s Lightweighting Toolkit. Utilize instant shelling capabilities no matter how complicated the geometry. Apply thousands of conformal ribs each with perfect fillets in seconds.

Lighter. Better. Faster. Stronger.

Consolidate CAD assemblies by their function into simplified and optimized parts. No more unnecessary and bulky flanges and fasteners.


Conformal Ribbing

Apply structural ribs that conform to any CAD surface at unprecedented speeds. Effortlessly iterate through various densities while simultaneously using simulation, design, and manufacturing data to drive variable height, width and blending to meet your specific requirements.


Robust Shelling

In a matter of milliseconds, shell solid parts regardless of complexity. Similar to many of nTop Platform’s modeling capabilities, our shelling operations are unbreakable and near-instantaneous.


Conform to Any Shape

Lightweight lattices adapted to your real parts, not boxes. We make it easy for you to flow lattices along or between any surfaces, regardless of curvature.

Increase Payload

nTop Platform enables engineers to create alternative structures to reduce payload and increase performance. Learn more about how this CubeSat’s weight was cut in half and its stiffness increased by 20% here.


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