nTop Platform for Medical

Improve part performance, reduce design time, and handle complexity with ease.

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Accelerate your medical device design process

Medical companies are turning to nTop Platform to develop highly engineered products through advanced manufacturing techniques. With the robust and repeatable tools in Platform, teams can design medical implants faster and with greater control to ensure the highest medical standards are maintained, and to improve patients quality of life through the best design possible.



“nTop Platform will be a key tool in helping us demonstrate the power of additive manufacturing to the world.”

Kevin Brigden, Additive Manufacturing Applications Engineer, Renishaw

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Enabling innovation in medical device design

Enhanced design tools in nTop Platform enables Tangible Solutions to precisely control design parameters, and create biological implants that are better optimized for bone growth. They are able to quickly iterate with design choices, requiring minimal time commitment, and provide their customers with design guidance that ultimately reduces time to market.


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