Virtual Speaker Series
March 2 - March 16, 2021

Simulation in Engineering Product Development

The nTop Simulation Virtual Speaker Series brings together leading authorities from the aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer industries to highlight applications where simulation drives innovation and product performance.

We invited engineering experts — specializing in structural analysis, thermal management, radiation mapping, acoustics, and more — to present how they combined cutting-edge design and analysis techniques with advanced manufacturing.

New video presentations and articles will be posted on this page every week for three weeks starting on March 2.

This virtual event is the 4th iteration of nTopology’s DfAM Virtual Series.

Week 1 Presentations

Thomas Sondergaard Westero, Danish Technological Institute (DTI)
Better parts with computer-optimized designs
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Raymond Weitekamp, polySpectra
Finite Element to Failure: Simulation and Experimental Fracture Analysis of Lightweight Aerospace Components
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Blake Johnson, nTopology
Select the Right Lattice Structure using Automated Simulations & Ranking
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Week 2

Jake Fallon, Braskem
Topology Optimized Carbon Fiber PP Parts are “Taking-Off”!
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Ali Kiapour & Kerim Genc, Synopsys
Image-Based Computational Simulation to Design Patient-Specific AM Implants
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Maiki Vlahinos, nTopology
How to export your design to Ansys Fluent
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Week 3

Mark Oliver, Veryst Engineering
Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Topology-Optimized Parts
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Ryan O'Hara, nTopology
Guha Manogharan, Penn State
Ajit D'Brass, Flow 3D
Mold Design and Casting Fluid Simulation of an advanced Robot Arm design in nTop
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Jonathan Harris, nTopology
How to Accelerate FE Simulations of Lattices using Homogenization
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