nTopology: Next-Generation Engineering Design Software

Engineering Simulation Software

Integrate engineering simulations and design generation. Build automated analysis workflows. Design processes, not just parts.

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Reusable Engineering Simulation Processes

As products become more complex, there is an urgent need to take full advantage of the latest design, analysis, and manufacturing technologies.

nTopology enables you to move engineering simulation from the middle and late stage of the design process to the very front allowing the engineer to make more informed decisions from the outset.

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Built-in Finite Element Analysis Software Tools

Closely couple design generation with design analysis to drastically reduce the time it takes to develop high-performance products.

nTopology’s integrated mechanical and thermal finite element analysis tools allow you to build multiphysics control systems into your design workflows and verify the performance of generated parts without passing them to your team’s analysts.

Built-in Finite Element Analysis

Augment your Simulation Workflows

Enhance your software stack with streamlined 3D design data connectivity. Pre-process FEA models in nTopology before you export high-quality meshes to your preferred CAE suite or finite element analysis software for detailed verification.

Expand the capabilities of your Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) stack with robust integrations to nTopology’s unbreakable geometry generation workflows.

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Advanced Heat Exchanger Design & Simulation with nTopology & ANSYS

A team of engineers redesigned a legacy two-domain heat exchanger used in helicopters for additive manufacturing.

Guided by finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics results, they generated conformal cooling channels using TPMS lattice structure. They consolidated a 40-part assembly into a single component, achieving significant weight reduction and performance gains.


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Virtual Speaker Series

Simulations in Engineering Product Development

We invited industry experts — specializing in the field of complex structural analysis, heat transfer, dynamic analysis, meta-materials, acoustics, and more — to describe how they combined advanced design and simulation software with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to solve hard engineering problems.

Learn from industry leaders how engineering simulation software drives business innovation, decision making, advanced product design, and real-world performance gains.


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FAQ on Engineering Simulation

What is Engineering Simulation Software?

Engineering simulation software is software that evaluates and predicts the behavior of components and assemblies when exposed to complex multiphysics phenomena. Engineering simulation software has many uses, including volume and weight optimization, heat transfer analysis, stress and strain calculations, and fluid flow simulation. The software is especially valuable because it erases the need for a physical prototype, making it possible to evaluate parts when they are very costly, dangerous, or difficult to test in real life. 

How does nTopology couple design analysis with product design?

nTopology is the most technologically advanced engineering, design, and simulation platform. Using field-driven design — an approach uniquely enabled by nTopology’s unbreakable modeling technology — engineers, designers, and analysts can use the results of multiphysics simulations to directly drive part geometry and develop the highest-performing products.

What are the available engineering simulation capabilities in nTopology?

nTopology’s built-in structural and thermal finite element analysis tools support a full array of boundary conditions and material models. nTopology’s capabilities also include lattice homogenization tools for developing architected materials and topology optimization with robust post-processing. When combined with the software’s unbreakable modeling and automation capabilities, nTopology is much more than an FEA software — it is a complete suite for advanced product development.

How does nTopology support your current engineering simulation software stack?

nTopology offers solutions for meshing and pre-processing FEA models for your current software stack — no matter which is your preferred engineering simulation tool. You can export full FEA models (including geometry, materials, and boundary conditions) to file formats supported by all major external solvers. Moreover, FEA models can be automatically updated when part geometry changes, eliminating a time-consuming manual step. Finally, nTopology offers robust integration with leading multidisciplinary design optimization software and full-automation solutions.

Does nTopology support CFD simulations?

While built-in computational fluid dynamics tools are not currently available in nTopology,  results from external CFD software — both scalar and vector fields — can be imported to nTopology and directly drive geometry or perform downstream operations.

Which CAE and FEA software files can be imported to nTopology?

nTopology currently supports the import of structural analysis and thermal analysis results in the native formats of ABAQUS, ANSYS Mechanical, ANSYS Fluent, LS-DYNA, Nastran, and Patran. nTopology also supports importing engineering data from other sources, such as CAD software, meshing software, and tabulated data. See full data import capabilities.

Which CAE and FEA software files can be exported to nTopology?

nTopology currently supports the export of FEA models that include volume, surface, and lattice meshes (both linear & quadratic), material models, connectors, and loading and thermal boundary conditions See detailed list of simulation data export capabilities.

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