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Topology Optimization Software

Exceed performance targets. Automatically reconstruct optimization results. Design processes, not just parts.

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Topology Optimization for Manufacturing

Use state-of-the-art topology optimization technology to achieve significant weight reduction gains without compromising performance.

Control key design parameters and automatically rerun the entire workflow to generate new design variations. Explore a broader design space using a systematic DoE approach to identify a truly optimal solution. Generate lightweight parts that are optimized for your manufacturing process.

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topology optimizes robot arm

Automated Geometry Reconstruction

Apply automated smoothening to instantly create clean and editable part geometry and bypass the time-consuming manual reconstruction step.

Combine smoothening with nTopology’s unbreakable post-topology optimization modeling capabilities (such as variable shelling and lattice generation) and achieve even greater performance gains.

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Combine topology optimization with graded lattice structures

Designed for Additive Manufacturing

Consider the specific requirements and design rules of your available manufacturing methods early in your product development process. Minimize material usage and production costs.

nTopology offers you a unique set of Additive Manufacturing constraints, including 3D printing overhang angle, multiple support regions, and free definition of build direction.

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End-to-End Optimization with Reusable Processes

nTopology offers a comprehensive set of topology optimization, generative design, engineering simulation, and manufacturing build preparation software tools to accelerate every stage of your product development process. 

Generate topology optimized parts and post-process the results. Streamline verification using integrated simulation tools or connect to external CAE software. Export your designs in a manufacturable file format or prepare them for industrial 3D printing using nTopology’s built-in slicing capabilities.

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Case Study

Full-Flight Qualification for F-16 Aircraft Spare Parts in Just 30 Days

Engineers from nTopology, Origin, and Stress Engineering Services collaborated to redesign a family of F-16 aircraft hydraulic tube clamps for additive manufacturing for the US Air Force.

The final topology optimized 3D printed spare part was 2x stiffer than the legacy designs, easier to assemble, and manufacturable on-demand.

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topology optimized hydraulic clamp for aerospace

Why Use nTopology for Topology Optimization?

In this nTop Live, our Application Engineers explain how nTopology’s capabilities set it apart from other topology optimization solutions.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Create a topology optimization workflow in nTopology
  • Use a topology optimization software that gives you complete control
  • Save you time, effort, and achieve higher-performing results

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See for yourself why leading companies in the aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer industries have chosen nTopology as their topology optimization software solution.

FAQ on Topology Optimization

What is Topology Optimization Software?

Topology optimization software is a package that applies simulation-driven techniques to minimize material usage. By removing material from areas that do not carry significant loads, a part is generated that meets design objectives (like weight reduction) while fulfilling design requirements (such as available materials or manufacturing constraints).

How does topology optimization work?

We have put together in our topology optimization guide on how to get the most out of topology optimization in engineering design. If the guide does not answer all of your questions, you can also book a demo with us and find out which modeling pain points nTopology will solve for you!

What is Topology Optimization Software Used For?

Topology optimization software is used to improve structural performance and generate lightweight alternatives to dense designs. Today, topology optimization is mainly used in aerospace and automotive applications to reduce the weight of advanced engineering products and improve their performance and efficiency. However, topology optimization also finds applications in the medical, industrial, and consumer product sectors where lightweighting is important.

What topology optimization objectives & constraints are available?

nTopology gives you complete control of the topology optimization process. It allows you to optimize for a single or multiple design objectives, including structural compliance to specified loads, volume fraction, and displacement. The available geometric constraints include planar symmetry, extrusion, overhang, and more. You define materials with custom properties or select from a list of presets.

How can I verify topology optimization results?

nTopology’s built-in simulation capabilities enable you to create integrated topology optimization verification processes. nTopology also streamlines the export of simulation meshes for FEA or CFD analysis in external simulation tools and integrates with multidisciplinary design optimization tools.

Can I export topology optimized parts from nTopology to my native CAD system?

Yes. nTopology allows you to export topology optimized parts in the STEP or Parasolid file format to your CAD system for downstream design operation. See full data import and export capabilities.

Can I import topology optimization results to nTopology from 3rd party software?

Yes. nTopology supports the import of raw topology optimization results from popular 3rd party software. Many users take advantage of this capability to accelerate their design processes using nTopology’s automated geometry reconstruction and advanced post-processing capabilities.

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See for yourself why leaders in aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer industries depend on nTopology to develop revolutionary products.


Topology optimized robotic arm with design space