How to Accelerate FE Simulations of Lattices using Homogenization

screenshot from video

Homogenization is a technique that can greatly accelerate the simulation of intricate lattice or cellular structures. Instead of simulating the full geometry, you approximate its effective material properties based on the behavior of a single unit cell.

In this video tutorial, Jonathan Harris, Lead Application Engineer at nTopology, explains step-by-step how to use homogenization in nTop Platform. He gives valuable tips to help you avoid common mistakes and describes when and where to use it to achieve effective and accurate results.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Accelerate the simulation of lattice and cellular structures by orders of magnitude¬†
  • Use homogenization to iterate rapidly during early stages of the design process
  • Quickly identify the most suitable lattice types for your application


Download the files that Jonathan used in this presentation.


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