Industrial Design DfAM Series: Designing a 3D Printed Wrist Rest

screenshot from video

Tristan Antonsen, Fast Radius

Using an opportunity to design an ergonomic, latticed wrist rest 3D printed with Carbon DLS to explore the advanced design capabilities of nTop. nTop Platform provides an extremely versatile toolset for Industrial Designers to realise geometries infeasible with other softwares. Capabilities such as generating a complex lattice structure, tuning the structure with data-driven fields, and performing complex boolean operations are nearly (if not totally) impossible with most softwares, but it can happen in real time in nTop.

Watch and learn how to: 

  • Easily customize surface textures, labels, and other aesthetic details
  • Tune performance based on testing and user preference
  • Perform complex boolean operations to result in a single, homogenous part

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