nTop Live: Designing Investment Casting Molds & Wax Models for Additive Manufacturing

screenshot from video

Investment casting — also known as lost wax or precision casting — has been used for thousands of years to manufacture metal parts with high levels of detail. With additive manufacturing, the step of creating the mold and wax models can be digitized and accelerated.

In this nTop Live, Evan Pilz, Application Engineer at nTopology, shares best practices for preparing CAD designs for investment casting in nTop Platform. He describes how to integrate design automation and 3D printing in your mold making process.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Build reusable processes to prepare part geometry for mold making
  • Create mold designs that speed up the burn out step and leave less residue
  • Cut costs by using less material to create the mold

Download the files Evan used in this presentation here. 

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