nTop Live: Effortless Nodal Filleting for Complex Lattice Structures

screenshot from video

By design, lattice structures have many complex intersecting regions where the beams meet. These intersections are referred to as nodes and they are key to structural integrity. However, they are areas where stress concentrations thrive. To mitigate this, a designer must fillet each node, a very time-consuming task in traditional CAD. 

In this nTop Live, Jonathan Harris, Lead Application Engineer at nTopology, will demonstrate how filleting nodes of complex lattice structures is nearly effortless in nTop Platform. This means you will be designing stronger, stiffer, and more fracture-resistant lattices than any other traditional CAD will enable. 

Watch and learn:

  • How to add fillets to your existing lattice structures
  • How to create custom unit cells with nodal fillets
  • The kind of performance gains can you achieve

Read the paper that Jonathan references in this video here.

Download the files Jonathan used in this presentation here.

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