nTop Live: Robust Meshing of Complex Geometries for Manufacturing

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Meshing is an essential part of many operations downstream to design — from FEA and CFD simulation to additive manufacturing and even rendering. nTopology offers robust mesh generation tools to convert parts with complex and organic geometry to different mesh formats.

In this nTop Live, Christopher Cho, Senior Application Engineer at nTopology, shares best practices on how to generate high-quality meshes from complex implicit modeling geometry. He uses the “Implicit Body by Voxel Grid” block to create more precise meshes of parts with lattice structures or a topology optimized shape.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Generate a mesh from a complex implicit body in nTopology
  • Generate a mesh from a lattice structure in nTopology
  • Simplify a mesh for manufacturing efficiency

Level: Intermediate
Industry: General
Application: Simulation, Additive Manufacturing, Integrations

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