nTop Live: Streamlined Design of Lattices for Osseointegration Using Custom Blocks

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When developing orthopedic implants for additive manufacturing, medical device engineers must consider incorporating lattice structures that promote osseointegration to their design to get the most value out of this new manufacturing technology. Yet, without robust design processes, valuable engineering time is wasted.

In this nTop Live, Christopher Cho, Senior Application Engineer at nTopology, shows you how to incorporate custom blocks into your workflow that streamline the generation of complex lattice structures for orthopedic applications. 

He shares a toolkit of 46 custom blocks and shows how to apply them to design joint replacements, spinal cages, or other osseointegrative devices.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Accelerate your product development using pre-packaged design processes
  • Generate complex lattice structures that promote bone growth
  • Select design variables to build more robust processes

This video is part one of a series that will help you get started with Osseointegrative Lattice Structures toolkit.

Level: Intermediate

Industry: Medical

Applications: Lattice Structures, Design Automation

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