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Leading Automotive companies are using nTopology to stay ahead of their competition and get the most out of their advanced manufacturing systems. From lightweighting, high-performance designs like heat exchangers, and process automation for critical design workflows, nTop accelerates innovation for automotive engineering teams.


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Automotive Applications

Why are companies choosing nTopology
to accelerate their automotive solutions?

High Performance Design

Design transformative products that integrate design, simulation, and manufacturing data to meet your functional requirements with Field-Driven Design.

Capture & reuse engineering knowledge

Turn best practices into standard practices, increase collaboration across teams, and jump start projects easily with nTopology's reusable workflows.

Streamline and automate processes

Automate and streamline workflows and processes through nTop Notebooks and command line tools, and spend more time on the core engineering work that matters the most.

Automotive Applications

Structural Optimization

By leveraging nTopology’s state-of-the-art topology optimization tools, combined with advanced geometric operations, like variable shelling, and automated smoothening functions, lightweight designs are created to promote both primary and secondary mass savings.

Part showing structural optimization in action
Load Path Visualization
Topology Optimization
Variable Shelling
Structural Ribbing
Lattice Infills
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Architected Materials

Advanced lattice structures can fundamentally alter the behavior of a material. For example, they improve passenger safety by defining the way a structure collapses during a car crash. Or they enable the mass customization of foam replacements for extra comfort.

Headrest with advanced lattice structures
Advanced Lattice Structures
Tailored Material Properties
Multifunctional Optimization
Foam Replacement
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Rapid Concept Design

Design, process and evaluate more design concepts faster using nTopology’s advanced computational modeling capabilities. For example, rapidly design and experiment with multiple specialized surface texture variations and other cosmetic or ergonomic elements of the car’s interior or exterior.

Parts showing multiple specialized surface texture variations
Surface Texturing
Mass Customization
Design Automation
Performance Driven Design
Heat Exchanger Design
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What is Automotive Design Software?

Automotive design software is engineering design software with capabilities that are targeted toward automobile design and manufacturing.

Automotive design software can be divided into two categories: industrial design software, and engineering design & simulation software.

Industrial design software typically includes features that aid in the design of car exterior and interior elements, as well as cushioning and surface textures. Engineering design and simulation software offer capabilities such as lightweighting, part consolidation, and structural optimization.


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Automotive Applications
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