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The nTop Platform approach removes geometry bottlenecks in design by achieving more efficient workflows, dramatically improving team collaboration with faster iteration, enabling smarter, more complex designs to meet performance demands.

Key Features

Field-Driven Design
A unifying technique for design, simulation, and manufacturing data to be intelligently embedded directly into your part.
Engineering Notebooks
Capture, reuse, and deploy valuable engineering workflows to increase collaboration across teams and keep projects moving.
Spatially Varying Structures
Control density, orientation, and spacing of micro, macro, and mesoscale structures.
No More STLs
Go directly to print from nTop Platform without the hassle of dealing with unmanageable and unsliceable mesh files.
Topology Optimization
Get editable geometry instantly from a topology optimization study without having to remodel the part.
Implicit Geometry Kernel
Our supercharged Implicit Geometry Kernel is lightning fast and guarantees valid solid models with no rebuild errors.

“To access the tremendous design freedoms that additive manufacturing allows, integrated multi-vendor software workflows are the norm. Tightening the integration between nTopology's industry leading lattice design tools and ANSYS gives engineers the tools they need to design, and validate, cutting edge lightweight structures for aerospace and biomedical markets.”
Steve Pilz, Lead Product Manager - Additive Manufacturing
“Few companies understand the challenges of realising the opportunities in design that advanced manufacturing can deliver, in the same way that we do. nTopology are one of the few.”
Sarat Babu, Founder & CEO
“EOS is excited to be working with nTopology, and is looking forward to how their software can streamline and improve the design to part workflow for next generation parts. As EOS continues to break boundaries and push the frontier of additive manufacturing, we pride ourselves in forming collaborative relationships to be able to offer our customers the best and state of the art technology. ”
Dr. Gregory Hayes, Director of Applications and Consulting
EOS North America
“An innovative and effective solution to a tricky problem. Until now, generating cellular repeating structures has been painful for designer and computer alike. nTop Platform will be a key tool in helping us demonstrate the power of additive manufacturing to the world.”
Kevin Brigden, Additive Manufacturing Applications Engineer
“nTopology’s software solution for free and precise part design represents a major enabler for finally exploiting 3D printings true potential: efficiently building complex structures”
Yves Hagedorn , CEO
“nTop Platform enables us to bring the most powerful modeling tools for AM to the Medical Device Industry.”
Chris Collins, COO
Tangible Solutions
“nTopology Platform is enabling engineers to do what they’re good at, designing efficient structures which in turn is design for additive manufacturing in a way that abstracts away the non value-added work commonplace in today’s digital workflows and let’s designers and engineers focus on real, system level, innovation.”
John Barnes, Founder and Managing Director
The Barnes Group Advisors

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