Industrial Design DfAM eSeries: Developing 3D Printed Prosthetics for Pets

screenshot from video

Adam Hecht & Julio Aira, DiveDesign

Industrial designers strive to develop meaningful products with strong considerations for usability, aesthetics, manufacturing, and for the purpose of creating market viable solutions.

With so much to consider, DiveDesign works in quick cycles of observation, creation, and testing to rapidly explore all possibilities and spark innovative new ideas. With tools like nTop Platform, designers can run these explorative cycles faster than ever before, enabling more options for aesthetics, AND superior functionality. 

In this presentation, Adam Hecht and Julio Aira will show you how they at DiveDesign rapidly prototype these solutions using nTop Platform and FDM printing to deliver better results, sooner. Check it out and learn:

  • How to set constraints for unconstrained innovation.
  • How DiveDesign uses references to make the intangible, tangible. 
  • How form follows function in an nTop workflow. 
  • Considerations for developing a product designed to continually evolve.


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