nTop Live: Designing 3D Printed Molds for Industrial Injection Molding

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With advancements in 3D printing materials, 3D printed molds are becoming more common for industrial applications — especially when low-production volumes and fast turnaround times are required. Yet, to become economically competitive with traditional molds, 3D printed molds have to be optimized.

In this nTop Live, Evan Pilz, Application Engineer at nTopology, gives you tips on how to design mold that will be produced in resin-based additive manufacturing systems. He focuses on lightweighting the mold to reduce build time and manufacturing costs.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Create reusable processes that reduce the weight of a mold using lattice structures 
  • Control key design parameters using as input the results of FE analyses  
  • Vary the thickness of the shell and lattice throughout the mold to increase its durability

Level: Intermediate

Industry: General

Applications: Advanced Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing, Lattice Structures

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