nTop Live: Generate Cooling Channels with Fins for 3D Printed Injection Molds

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Injection molding tooling produced with additive manufacturing offers many advantages over traditional molds. One of the benefits is the ability to incorporate conformal cooling channels into the mold that reduce cycle time and extend the life of the mold.

In this nTop Live, Evan Pilz, Application Engineer at nTopology, shares best practices on how to design cooling channels for your 3D printed molds. He creates channels that can only be manufactured additively with internal fins that guide the flow and increase cooling performance and improve manufacturability.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Design molds with cooling channels that can only be produced with 3D printing
  • Create reusable design workflows that generate high-performance conformal channels
  • Reduce the cost of additive tooling and improve injection molding performance

Level: Intermediate

Industry: Generic

Applications: Advanced Manufacturing, Heat Exchanger Design

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