nTop Live: Periodic Structures with Multiple Domains for Heat Transfer and Beyond

screenshot from video

Have you ever tried to overlay four different phases of fluid flow while keeping them separated? Sounds impossible, right? Well… with the nTop Platform it is not! 

In this video, Blake Courter, nTopology’s Chief Technology Officer, will show you how to use “3D Halftoning” on periodic surfaces to arbitrarily layer and mix fluids in both open flows or closed plumbing. 

He will run you through all the steps needed to integrate these techniques in your day-to-day workflows, from CAD data preparation to final plumbing.

Join us to learn how to:

  • “Fold” a periodic surface into a layered multi-domain system
  • Use the four main configurations of periodic surface layering
  • Design advanced heat exchangers and reactive vessels 

Download the files used in Blake’s session here.