nTop Live: Variable Shelling Operations that Never Fail

screenshot from video

Shelling is a simple design operation that can be combined with other generative techniques to create lightweight structures. 

Traditional design tools, however, struggle with shelling operations—especially if they have variable thickness—as the offset shape might be quite different from the original one.

In nTop Platform, shelling functions never fail. As a bonus, their thickness can be directly driven by input data, such as the results of a simulation, using the power of implicit modeling. 

Join Alex Meckes, nTopology’s Director of Customer Success, in this nTop Live session to find out how you can integrate variable shelling in your workflows to create optimized and lightweight designs.

Watch this recording to learn how to:

  • Apply robust shelling operation to your designs using nTop Platform
  • Vary the thickness of your shell using input data and field-driven design
  • Gain confidence in the value of generative design with this simple operation