Reworking a Legacy Part for Mass-Reduction, Performance and Productivity

screenshot from video

Kevin Brigden, Renishaw

nTop Platform is an incredibly powerful tool for enabling creativity, flexibility and productivity. In this presentation, we’ll see how a simple exhaust manifold can be adapted, light-weighted and prepared for additive manufacture. In the context of the wider software eco-system; including CAD and Renishaw’s build preparation software: QuantAM, we’ll look at using surface lattice structures to reduce mass and increase the performance of the component. As well as the slicing and export tools of Platform, we’ll see how that slice data is handled in QuantAM and how we prepare multi-modal, multi-laser build files.

Key Takeaways: 

  • An exhaust manifold, adapted and prepared for multi-laser additive manufacture
  • CAD preparation
  • Primary and secondary supports
  • Design of the final part geometry in nTop Platform
  • Exporting slice data
  • Preparation of a multi-laser build

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